Go Go Go Go, Accomplish By Doing: Galas, Live Music, NAS, and Cigs

Wow I love solid, jam packed accomplish-everything days.

I spent 10+hrs today assisting the lovely and multitalented Bex preparing for tomorrow’s Music BC Charitable Foundation Gala and Auction at Westin Bayshore in Vancouver BC.

Music BC is a fantastic non-profit organization that works to support and encourage musicians and the music scene in BC. I strongly encourage anyone who loves music to get involved with Music BC. (I’ll probably volunteer tomorrow night at the actual event).

I got involved once I was asked to donate a print of mine: a stunning photo of Régine Chassagne from Arcade Fire‘s show in Vancouver last year.
I’m honoured to have my piece amongst other auction items and prizes such as a signed Joe Satriani guitar!!

I’ve also been busy with photography: I shot the beautiful, sexy, alluring Lykke Li and her band at the Vogue Theatre last night, and tonight I shot the odd, energetic, harmonic band Yeasayer at the Commodore Ballroom. Openers Smith Westerns were disappointing (read: boring) but opener Hush Hush was a brilliant bundle of skinny seductive energy!
Photos from both nights should be up on Guttersnipe (the site I was on assignment for) later tomorrow (May 29).

I’m also super stoked to say that after months of researching local redundant backup solutions, I’ve found a fit I’m happy with! I invested in a QNAP TS-219P+ NAS, and chucked 2 Seagate Barracuda 2TB drives in it, configured it, and have transferred my whole iTunes library to it! I can now play my library from anywhere in the house. Stoked. Next is to move all my photos (tons! of gigs, especially since I’ve been shooting RAW over the past year) and other important files to the NAS.
I’ve heard that since the QNAP is attached to the network, I can access my files, including my music and photos, from ANYWHERE. I’ll be looking into these possibilities.
I can definitely say that I’m impressed with my QNAP so far.

Alright, time for bed, good rest, to wake up recharged and tackle another day with full on positive energy, a zest for life!

I’ll leave you with this silly little thing I drew on Bex’s cigarette pack earlier today…

Peace, Ash


So Blessed, Yeasayer Gives Me A Voice To Thank The People I Deeply Care For

My love for Yeasayer was reinvigorated after they released a live album on December 25th.
Titled “Live At Ancienne Belgique,” the by-donation 13-track album is a brilliant recording of an immensely talented and incredibly unique band having a ton of fun playing their tunes.
I haven’t seen Yeasayer perform, but they’re now on my must-see list.

The album has a fantastic rendition of ‘Red Cave,’ one of the tracks from their first album that originally turned me on to the band.
It has a wonderful chorus that is repeated over and over at the end of the song:

I’m so blessed to
have spent that time
with my family
and the friends
I love with my short life
I have met
so many people I deeply care for

What a wonderful ode to those people in our lives who make life worth living.
For all the heartache and difficulties that life puts us through, it is often manageable only with the support of our true friends – the type of friends who needn’t even offer us advice, they are there with an open heart and warm embrace, perhaps a home cooked plate of food.

This holiday season, I have been surrounded by outstandingly caring, giving, and downright awesome friends.
To these wonderful people I share with you this song by Yeasayer: