Ideas Are Exciting, But Doing Is What Matters Most

After mentioning Steve Jobs’ quote:

“It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.”

– Scott Belsky, Behance founder and Making Ideas Happen writer extends:

“The wise creative leader understands that idea generation is a wild animal that requires a stolid trainer to tame excitement with a healthy dose of skepticism. You need to say ‘no’ more than you say ‘yes,’ and you need to build a team and culture that helps kill ideas when necessary.”

Ideas are exciting, doing matters most.


Four Dreams and Four Fortunes On July Fourth

I awoke with four night’s worth of dreams in my head this morning.
In the afternoon, I was blessed with four fortunes in one fortune cookie.
Today is July 4th.

The coincidences were hitting me over the head with four very large hammers.
Yes, I see it, yes, I’m awake, thank you yes I appreciate all that I have, I am awake now.

I see now, so I share four dreams and four fortunes with you now:


Houses made of paper
I dreamt that houses were made of paper. Just sheets upon sheets of thin, photocopier-style paper.

The crazy thing is, they were all water damaged. You know when a book gets wet and then dries and the pages wrinkle? That’s what they all looked like and it made me very sad.




Birthday bathroom
I dreamt that it was a very good friend’s birthday and I hadn’t bought him anything and I hadn’t made him a card. I only bought a card and wrote in it.

The birthday party was meant to be a surprise. I had the keys to his house while he was two houses down, starting a BBQ. It wasn’t his current house. This felt like the older houses on Victoria Drive or Graveley or Shaughnessy. He noticed me, though, so the surprise seemed to be ruined.

When I was inside a mutual friend came in. Of course, he had made a hand made card.

He was asking where the bathroom was and when I told him, he was very upset that it was facing the living room. He said you don’t want dirty water spilling into the living space, into the kitchen is okay, not the living space.




Scolded labourer
I dreamt that I took a temp job as a general labourer. It felt like the day I recently volunteered at Spanish Banks – a motley crew, quite a variety of men and women. It seemed like we were on general clean up duties at various demolition sites. It felt like Vancouver, where many old buildings have been knocked down to make room for condos.

We weren’t given very good instructions. Actually, we weren’t really given instructions at all. Plus we weren’t provided with helmets or gloves. So we just wandered around and tried to learn from nearby crews. I noticed they were picking up large rocks and collecting them on the back of a truck, so I starting doing the same. But that quickly became boring because most of the rocks were very small. Mostly everything was a huge mess of very fine destruction.

Eventually, a Jim Pattison-like character came along and was very very pissed off at us. So pissed off he mostly shuffled around, back and forth across the debris, frustrated. When he did talk, I could barely hear him because of the background music we were playing. I went to the computer to turn down the iTunes or the stereo but couldn’t figure it out. So I gave up.

I tried to talk to Jimmy, to explain that I hadn’t been on a construction site in years, and that we weren’t given instructions, helmets, nor gloves. He didn’t seem to fully comprehend.
He was a terrible leader – fully embracing the authority but not effectively directing his team at all.




Shaving seminar
I dreamt that a friend and I, plus a lot of other people were attending a seminar on How To Be Successful.

But for the first hour or more of the presentation, the woman was teaching us how to take our beards off with a certain liquid and a dish sponge (the ones with the one rough side, usually used for dishes).

I began taking off my beard below my jawline. It felt so real, my skin was so smooth, I had to check, once I woke up, if it was gone.

In the dream, though, I went to the bathroom and all the hair down my neck below my adam’s apple was left and it looked gross. My friend had a good amount of stubble and refused to remove his.