Not Digg, Just Me Catching Up (A List Of Really Cool Shit)

This post is going to read a bit like Digg or something like that list, because I’m catching up with a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to mention, cool stuff that has recently inspired me and kept me in The Moment.

Local Unknown Invigorates Dubstep On Soundcloud

I finally got around to checking my Facebook invites, and found this guy – Frank Grimes (check his music on Soundcloud here), an electronic dance DJ from Vancouver. He’s got some serious great tunes. Rather than basing his sound specifically on dubstep, he incorporates elements of it into his unique sound, so that it doesn’t get tiring. So many people are bored of dubstep, this is refreshing.
He’s playing Five Sixty in Vancouver BC on March 3 2011 (see info on Clubzone here) – if you’re in town, I suggest you check it out. I’ll see you there!

Local Photographer Increases Involvement in Music Scene

That photographer is me!
I’ve been shooting live music for almost a year now, and it’s been a blast. Check out my work on Flickr here.
The site I started with, Guttersnipe, has asked me to bump up my involvement in a big way. Starting last week, I’ve taken over booking media passes for all our contributors. Now, I’m flexing my managerial skills at something I have unlimited energy for: live music in my city – I’m stoked!
Guttersnipe is expanding across Canada. If you’re interested in contributing, contact me at ashley(at)guttersnipenews(dot)com

New Radiohead Album!

The new Radiohead album, The King Of Limbs, has been released! You can download it here. Believe me, it’s worth it. It’s almost unbelievable that these guys have been making marvelous music for as long as they have (25 years!), and every new release is met with anticipation, and every release is always worth the wait.

W2 Keeps Hosting Uniquely Challenging & Inspiring Events

Ever since opening during the lead up to 2010’s Olympics, W2, the arts/culture centre in Vancouver’s downtown east side, has hosted a wide variety of events at a mindblowing pace. There’s always something going on: a gallery exhibit, a conference, a multi-room dance night…
Next there’s Utopia Now Festival, a performance and unconference that “celebrates women and digital culture.” This looks solid. Check out the info here. It mentions that Peaches is doing a keynote? She also better be performing!

Mozilla Drums Up Online Creative Collaboration

I’m curious about this:, Mozilla’s “global community of innovators.” I like the concept, but I also don’t feel like real tech geeks are my brethren. I feel comfortable in the artistic/design side of things rather than tinkering with programming languages. But there’s something about this Drumbeat project that seems to suggest that even I could contribute in my own way. It deserves further investigation…

Net Neutrality Gets A Nasty Kick Down South

In related (internet) news, the Republican-dominated House in the US government voted against net neutrality last week (read the article here). Which makes me lose a little hope for the fight we’re fighting in Canada on the same issues.
Though I’m not going to assume a defeatist attitude. I’m still going to support the cause and I’m going to collect signatures this Saturday February 26 2011 on the national Stop The Meter National Day of Action.
If you believe in continuing the open internet we have today, where we can express ourselves freely, rather than have our sites locked out or throttled, I strongly suggest you check out the information on and get involved.

Until next time,
keep focused on your goals and dreams,
believe in yourself,
and remember to take a big deep breath and exist here in the now,
in this Moment.