Drinking, Dancing, Monkeys and a Brass Band: Yugoslavs Knew How To Do It Right

You will never see anything like this film: Underground.

Set in WWII Yugoslavia, two best friends are thieves, making their living by stealing from the rich. But they’re far from Slavic Robin Hoods, as you quickly find out.

What unfolds is impossible to explain. It involves almost 60 years of time, an enormous cast, complex and unpredictable characters, a monkey, a helluva lot of drinking and dancing, and an ever-present brass orchestra. The sets are unbelievably elaborate, the storyline is unbelievably insane.

If you want a break from the ordinary, and have 3 hours to kill, watch Underground by Emir Kusturica, a movie that was raved about when released in the mid-90s (it won Best Film at Cannes) and deserves to still be. A critical commentary on war that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Actually, it might be the furthest thing from serious you’ll ever see.