An Orgy Of Layered Felt Tongue Stone Creatures In The Sand: Bjork Keeps Us Guessing and Dreaming

Bjork has built a career out of being amazingly unique, both with her music and how she chooses to portray herself visually. She seems to handpick directors who have an uncanny ability to recreate the imaginary.

Perfect case in point: the official video for Mutual Core. Likely inspired by a dream, this is an incredible and explosive video. The combination of coarse stone and layers of beautifully coloured felt makes for a very tactile experience.


Alright! We Are Fine, So Says Sharon Van Etten, As Remixed By Tourist

Two truly incredible musical talents: singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten and dj/producer Tourist combine on this perfectly upbeat remix for your mid-November Friday



Oozing Blues Soul: Big Sugar’s Wild Ox Moan Takes Us Back To 1993

This goes way back, to art school days…
When I discovered Big Sugar‘s album Five Hundred Pounds (thanks to my roommate G. Pinckney!) I couldn’t get enough of it.
Tonight, I’m there again.


Another Tomorrow: A Nice, New, Quietly Energetic Song by Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine

New track by an artist I was previously unaware of: Lusine.

As Larry Fitzmaurice says in his Pitchfork review,

The track shimmys and bounces

Give it a listen, if you dig minimal, quietly energetic electronica, you won’t be disappointed.


Gorgeous In Its Rough Dirtiness: Must Listen-To New Track by Raime

Taken from Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (BLACKESTLP001), out November 19 (CD, 2×12”, digital). Distributed by Cargo.


Lo Fi Undiscovered 60’s Band Pisces Fits This Rainy 2012 Morning Just Fine

Wow. Listen to this: “Sam” by Pisces from 1968.
I’d never heard of this band before. After a little research, it appears not too many people do, either. Definitely worth a listen though. That echoing drum hit (I’m thinking ?uestlove likes it too ;)), that aching heart voice, that lo fi guitar…


Perfect Atmospheric Music For A Saturday Full Of Rain

Martin Eden’s ‘Worker’

Thanks to XLR8R for the head’s up on this excellent track!


Unknown Radio-Recorded Song Has Been Baffling Since 1993 – Can You Solve The Mystery?

The other day, my friend told me about a song, a mystery song actually, and I thought I’d share it with you. Can you solve the mystery?

Here is her description:

A quick recap of the background story:

I recorded this onto a cassette in March of 93.
I recorded it off of a Vancouver mainstream radio station: LG73, Z95.3, Rock 101, 92.9 (Bellingham) or 99.3 the Fox.
I heard it twice on the radio but managed to record it the second time I heard it.
The song was a studio recording, but the crappy quality’s from the stereo/cassette.
The song was played during regular day or evening hours.
This is not a bootleg.
This is not U2.
I thought it was U2 when I recorded it.
The lyrics don’t exist.
I don’t have Shazam but go ahead, give it a try. (ed. note: supposedly this has since been tried with Shazam, with no result)
Nardwuar doesn’t recognize it.
Buzz Bishop doesn’t recognize it.
George Stroumboulopoulos doesn’t recognize it.
All my music guru friends don’t recognize it.
It all drives everyone CRAZY because it sounds so familiar but nobody knows.
This song has been driving U2 fans around the world crazy because it sounds like Achtung Baby-era U2 but it’s not a U2 song. Every U2 song has been documented.
I was a die hard U2 fan. This is not U2.
If you can even make out the lyrics, the only Google searches bring up my failed attempts at trying to figure out this song (going back to the year 2000).
We have concluded that this must be an indie Vancouver-based band that had a fleeting moment of success, perhaps a demo record that got airtime twice, and I just managed to record it.

Help? 🙂

To listen to the track, head to my Tumblr where I’ve posted the song.


Lykke Li The Shark Finds Engaging New Voices On Superb Album “Wounded Rhymes”

I get very tired of myself very often, so I want to change – change skins, almost. I noticed that I’m like a shark: if I don’t move, I want to die.

Lykke Li in Exclaim!, when asked about the changes in her superb new album, Wounded Rhymes.

This is an excellent album. I am especially impressed with the growth in her voice and delivery. Coupled with a much fuller sound, and a greater range of moods in the songs, this is an artist who may have already experienced success, but seems to be only starting to discover the potential of her expression.

Listen to “Youth Knows No Pain” from Wounded Rhymes, then go buy the album!