Blunt, Thou Art The Lion’s Paws


To both the Dogg and the Lion, only one thing matters…

My mixed media piece for the Drop It Like It’s Art show, Vancouver BC Nov 9 2012. Printed 19”x13”

Creative process:
Step 1) hand draw (pencil on paper) illustration of Snoop, based on found photo
Step 2) scan drawing
Step 3) in Photoshop, adjust exposure & levels to increase contrast
Step 4) place in Illustrator, trace & expand all lines to vector shapes
Step 5) sample colours from photo, digitally colour the vector graphic image
Step 6) accidentally discover that illustration layered on digital colour layered on photo look really dope together!
Step 7) throw in a few masks to emphasize his hand, smoke, etc, tweak, make adjustments and bam! There you have it.