Ash For Hire, Ashley Tanasiychuk

Ashley Tanasiychuk: Visual Artist. Arts Promoter. Community Builder. Entrepreneur. Here’s my comprehensive CV

You might know that I shoot rad photos. You may know that I shoot rad videos too. Do you know that I’m also a whizz at video editing, writing, and copy editing?

That I can manage a team? Plan an event?

There’s so much I could be hired for, it’s bananas.

From management to design to photography and video, plus a helluva lot more in between, there’s a ton I can offer you, your project, or your business.

So here it is: my comprehensive CV (opens within this page). Enjoy.


  • Statement
  • Skills & talents
  • Professional experience
  • Formal post secondary education
  • Additional education, workshops, scholarships
  • Volunteer selections
  • Featured work
  • Compliments & accolades
  • Equipment
  • Interests & goals

Please share with anyone who might benefit from my skills and talents.

Link to this page, download from my home site (“CV PDF download” link is at left column), or have them contact me directly.

Thank you.


New Resumé, New coin gutter, Submit to Telekinesis, and LCD on The Fly


I’ve completed a full update of my resumé !

First one I’ve made in over 3 years. Have a peek at it, please, and let me know what you think. (Look for the pdf icon at

As impossible as it may seem, I tried to make my resumé intriguing.


Sweetness! A new coin gutter album – for free! at

coin gutter are an amazing experimental sound group. Their early work was an onslaught of noise.
Since Pigeonless, their 2008 full length, coin gutter has extended sympathy to our damaged ears, and are offering deep, lush textures; aural pleasures.


World Telekinesis Competition sounds crazy and cool.
But their logo and site disturb me. Feel like I’d be joining a religious cult.

Have a look for yourself:
If you’re interested, the deadline for submissions is this Friday, April 30.

While I may not submit, what it’s done, positively, though, is make me think about inclusive, group art:
Get involved with other people, create competitions, projects, to challenge other people and get them excited, instead of just making things in my little world and expecting everybody else to be interested.


In my last entry, I was freaking out (in a good way) about the new LCD Soundsystem album.
The happy buttery jolts caused by his music made me want to learn more about him.
My research lead me to his bio on THE which was a pleasant discovery for two reasons:

  1. The bio is well written, and
  2. the site as a whole looks like something well deserving of a return visit!

Easter Weekend – No Rest For The Driven!

Big plans this weekend:

Plan #1:

Fix my bicycle

Riding bike = exercise = breaking up the psychic buildup so I can create.
Plus it’s a fast and free way to get around the city.
I’ll probably be living at Our Community Bikes this Friday through Sunday, but it’ll be worth it.

Plan #2

Write my resume

Now with the completion of my site, Format No Auto (along with my Flickr portfolio and this lovely little blog), I need to write up an up-to-date resume. To highlight what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I am capable of, to prospective employers/people who like what I do and wouldn’t mind helping me pay rent so I can do more of what I do.

Plan #3

Design business cards

I’ve started sketching already. They’re gonna be based on the design of my new site. Big text. Dark background.
I intend to print them at home. Hopefully my old Epson can handle thick card stock. Which reminds me, I need to buy card stock (DeSerres didn’t have any!)

Early next week, I’ll check back in to let you know how these three plans went. I’m excited about all three (yes, even the resume), so it’s not like I’m dreading the tasks. Onward!!!