The 1st 4 Months of 2010

Well, it’s almost May.
Month #5 in the year, which is almost half-way.
Which makes me start to stress, because I start to think I haven’t accomplished anything.
Then I have to grab me by the scruff of my neck, sit me down,
and say: Look at all the things you’ve done.

  1. Redesigned and launched my personal site, my creative home on the interweb: Format No
    Possibly my biggest accomplishment in a long time, because I’ve been chipping away at a redesign for YEARS. I could have sat on this accomplishment for the rest of the year, that’s how big it is.
    But no, I have waaaay too much in me, so I also:
  2. Started this blog, THE MOMENT, here at WordPress, to get my words out into the universe, and:
  3. Started my Photostream on Flickr, and posted it full of my drawings, photos, and design work.
    I also:
  4. Made a lot, produced a lot, created a lot.
    I did as I promised myself I’d do, and I used the shiny new as inspiration to create more than I have in years, to kick it into prolific high gear.
    Lots more photos, drawings, and graphic design on Flickr, as well as lots of writing here, at THE MOMENT.
    I also:
  5. Got eye surgery.
    I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since I was a kid, and I’ve been thinking about getting my eyes lasered for a while now. I did it a couple weeks ago, and I’ve fully healed. I’m very happy to say my vision is amazing. Probably 20/20 (Will find out at my next follow-up appointment).
    In the lead up to the surgery, I challenged myself to a little art project. During every day of the last week that I’d ever wear contact lenses, I:
  6. Created a series of eye/text work. I took photos of my eyes, and incorporated writing from each day into those photos. The results were very satisfying, while some were outright surprising. Please have a look for yourself here.
    I also:
  7. Created more workweek time for myself, away from the dayjob, and towards my own work.
    This is brand new (technically starting May 1st), so I’m still understandably a little frightened, but I’m mostly stoked. I know what I want and what I want more than anything in this world is to challenge myself to become the artist that I’m meant to be. Anything less would be a violation on my soul.
    In tandem with this career shift, I’ve:
  8. Redesigned my resumé. You can view and download the pdf here.

That’s a pretty damn impressive list of accomplishments, Ash.
And that doesn’t include:

  1. Giving boxing a shot for a month (until I realized I couldn’t afford it $$$ right now)
  2. Shearing 40+ alpacas on Van Island
  3. Taking the train for a weekend trip to Seattle, or
  4. Seeing Eyedea & Abilities and P.O.S. destroy the Biltmore on 2 separate nights!

Alright, 2010 – bring on the next 8 months!!!
luv Ash