Inspired By The Tactility Of Red Fabric, Joseph Beuys Becomes My Next Portrait Subject

A few weeks ago,
as I was experimenting with photography and Instagram,
I emerged with this self portrait

which reminds me of Joseph Beuys‘ work with felt.

I have always greatly admired Beuys: how far-out and conceptual his work is, that as a teacher he believed

It (teaching) is my most important function. To be a teacher is my greatest work of art.

and that overall, he stands out as a truly unique artist.

Joseph Beuys, logically, it seems, has become the subject of my latest portrait drawing.
Here it is, after only 2 sessions of work:

Once completed, I will scan and vectorize it, as I have been doing with much of my drawings (see my series of Olio Festival venues and galleries or my illustration of Snoop Dogg/Lion), and will be screening it onto Tshirts,
which will say “yeeeeeaah” along the top and “Beuys” beneath:
“yeeeeeaah Beuys!”


Flying Lotus, Crazy Happy Face Portrait, As Based On Exclaim! Cover Shot

Flying Lotus, an artist I admire greatly, is on the front cover of the new Exclaim! mag. Here’s my interpretation in pencil.


Making Something Out Of Something

Everything is something, but it all gets treated as nothing, or the waiting time, until something happens. But this is it, this is something, this is the everything.

Midnight, Oct 3/4 2012

Who real friends are. Chipping away.

Noon, Oct 4 2012

slight headache
light, no stunting by overthinking