SBTRKT Gets The Party Started: His Boiler Room Set Burns Off These Grey Winter Skies

SBTRKT, who I was lucky enough to shoot when he played Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club in 2011
continues to create sexy groovin’ tunes and killer mix sets,
as he does on this new Boiler Room set



Twin Shadow Tours Confess at Venue Nightclub in Vancouver BC

George Lewis Jr, aka Twin Shadow, and his band are touring their sophomore album Confess, and hit Vancouver BC on August 11 2012.
While his live rendition of “Five Seconds” was charged with high energy and gusto, overall I didn’t think the live show added much to his already full, lush, inviting sound.
Lewis Jr is a fantastic, engaging performer, kicking his guitar pedals like he wanted to break ’em, but his band (bassist, keyboardist, drummer) were just going through the motions. Perhaps that was the forethought plan: they shouldn’t take any attention from the main man.
But I’m a visual guy, and wanted more than an attractive lead singer with sharp lighting (thanks to Twin Shadow for bringing a pair of bright white lights, sitting low at either corner of the stage – this made for some nice photographic opportunities!).
I was on assignment for Scene In The Dark.


Portishead in Vancouver: Happily Check That One Off The Bucket List

The seemingly impossible happened last night: Vancouverites saw & heard, in person, the band that created some of the most moving experimental downtempo songs of the 90s.


Portishead, who rarely release albums, and even more rarely tour, are playing internationally, and came to Vancouver to support their 2008 release, Third, and keep up interest in their band, in advance of their upcoming fourth album.


Despite the hangar-style venue, the PNE Forum, the sound was surprisingly good. Beth Gibbons incomparable voice was spot-on through every song, and the band made sure to satisfy everyone in the crowd (which included youngsters who were barely born when Portishead’s 1st album came out, all the way to folks who might have been in their 30s or 40s when the same album was released), playing material from all three albums: Dummy, Portishead (S/T), and Third.


They even played their new single, Chase The Tear.

Portishead – Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

If Portishead are coming to your city, I highly recommend you check them out. For tour dates and more info, go to their official site:

For this show, I was on assignment for The Snipe News. Check out the original post, with review and full gallery here.


No F’n Regrets! & Bathroom Pics (Destroy, Challenge)

While researching RAID 1 NAS options, I was browsing Chase Jarvis’ amazing site of helpful photography ideas and tips (I think it was on his site that I 1st found out about G-Tech products, which seem AMAZING but are hella expensive).

Today I stumbled upon his interview with REI brand manager Jason Sutherland. I especially like that he said this:

F it all and f-n no regrets. Bottom line, get pissed, destroy. And by destroy, I mean tear it all down so you create something new and wonderful out of the strange parts that are left over. Make stuff. Cool stuff. Move on. Make more. Don’t dwell in the past. (It’s over.)

To read the rest of his advice on how to approach creative directors, go here.

In a related matter, as I was brushing my teeth in my bathroom last night, preparing for a much-needed sleep after a 12+ hour day of work, I challenged myself to shoot some abstract still lives. Seems all I’ve been doing is shooting live music, which ain’t bad, but some variety needs to be throw in the mix!
Here is one of my results:

Have a great day my friends,
and remember: “F it all and no regrets!!!”


In The Era Of Digital Files, These Invisible Magical Files, How Do We Keep Them Safe?

Wow what a headache.
Not a bad headache, a good one, because it’s something I’m genuinely interested in, but still…

It’s data backup and storage that’s causing my head to pound.

Backup and storage has been important to me since I began a life married with computers 5 years ago (Before then, I could barely work email, the internet, and word processing, so I occasionally wrote to floppies, that’s it).

Now that I am on my computer all the time, and have begun seriously pursuing photography, as well as having a decent collection of personal snapshot photos, tons of music, graphic design files, text documents, and more, I want to efficiently store all this stuff.

Initially, during school (around 2005-2006) and for a few years afterward, I would burn a DVD of all important files every couple months. But then techie friends said that the longevity of discs is only 5 years, and that hard drives are a better way to go.

So about a year ago, I received an external Western Digital 1TB drive as an Xmas gift. It failed once (luckily before I had much on it), and WD replaced it without question. That was awesome.
And that’s all I’ve been using since.

I have Time Machine set up on my one and only computer, a MacBook Pro laptop. So whenever I plug the WD into my laptop (which is usually once a day, sometimes less often), Time Machine makes a copy of my files to the external drive.

That sounds great, right? It is, but apparently only to an extent.

There are 2 main problems with this backup method:

  1. It is on-site, local. If my apartment burned down, or a thief broke in, I could lose my laptop and my external drive all in one go. EVERYTHING WOULD BE GONE.
  2. Hard drives fail, so eventually this single WD external drive will fail, and if everything is on it, including stuff I’ve removed from my laptop, then that stuff is gone forever.
  3. Time Machine may create a version of everything on my computer, but I can’t boot from Time Machine. If my laptop died, I couldn’t boot from the Time Machine backups. I’d have to use a boot disc to install the OS, then load everything from Time Machine onto the new computer.

So, how do you solve these 3 problems?

To solve #3, I’ve read a ton of reviews in which people say that SuperDuper is amazing.
Apparently, a one-time charge of $29.85 gives you this application, which does something similar to Time Machine, but it is a bootable version of my machine, so if my hard drive failed, I could just boot off of the SuperDuper backup and be working within minutes. That’s pretty damn appealing.
A lot of people also claim that SuperDuper and Time Machine make great pals – use Time Machine to recover lost files, since it is so easy to go back in time and see everything in Finder windows as you saved them, while SuperDuper is your go-to system restore method.

To solve #2, I think I’m going to continue to burn discs for the time being.

There’s also the option of a mirrored RAID system, in which 2 (or more) external drives talk with one another; the content backed up is exactly the same in both external drives. So when one dies, everything is still on the other drive. You then buy a new drive, mirror it to the working drive, and start again.
Sounds pretty painless, but then it is still all local (and subject to problem #1).

To solve #1, I guess I need an off-site backup. And since I don’t own a mansion in the south of France that I can fly to every weekend, I’m not going to bother with a physical off-site backup. It seems to make more sense to backup to another server, or the cloud, if you will.

The options seem to be something like Apple’s MobileMe, but it’s expensive for what they offer ($99/year for only 20GB of storage), a third-party (such as Arq) that uses Amazon’s S3, which seems to be the bee’s knees in online storage. A plus: the storage seems unlimited. What I’m not sure of is how much I’d end up paying. Arq is $29, but then I guess I’d still need to pay per MB.

There’s also the option (for photos only) of uploading all my best pics to my Flickr at full resolution. I pay for a Pro account anyway (only $24.95/year), so why not? Come to think of it, using Flickr as an online storage for my best pics, whether they’re Arcade Fire or my mom holding my nephew, is a no-brainer.

Overall with these off-site storage methods, one of my fears is “what if Amazon S3 gets hacked or dies? What if Arq folds?” But I guess this is why that expression “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket exists.”

So for today, I’m going to burn important stuff to disc until I figure out my next stage. And I’ll probably buy SuperDuper, not only cuz it’s name is so awesome, and not only because it’s so affordable, but because the day it restores my dead computer, it’ll be priceless.
Oh yeah, and I’ll start uploading my favourite pics at full res to Flickr.

I’d absolutely love to hear your feedback on my thoughts, and to know what you do (or what you’d like to do) to backup and store your files.