All Day Concert In A Parking Lot: Good Times In The Summer/September


Sun Araw @ New Forms Fest 2011

A brilliant way to cap off a fantastic all weekend event, New Forms Festival held an all day outdoor concert at The Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver BC. The sun was absolutely beating down all day, not a cloud in the sky.

In the lineup: 5 acts with a variety of musical styles:
First, the sprawling moodiness of V.Vecker Ensemble, 8 musicians moving through epic instrumental stories. It was a shame they only played one song.


V. Vecker Ensemble @ New Forms Fest 2011

Next, totally trippy psychedelic rock by Sun Araw. The singer barely said more than a word or three at once, but it suited the journey they were taking us all on.
I want to know what instrument the long haired player was on (if you know, please contact me!)…


Sun Araw @ New Forms Fest 2011

I was stoked to see No Gold, who had opened for Mount Kimbie at the Biltmore in March this year. They have a world beat sound that is very suited to hot summer days.


No Gold @ New Forms Fest 2011

Building on No Gold’s good vibes, the duo of Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula
brought loungey house beats to the crowd during our last hour of sun. The live keys was a nice touch.


Danuel Tate & Tyger Dhula @ New Forms Fest 2011

After a substantial break, due to relocating the PA from the parking lot to just outside the Waldorf cabaret, Deadbeat finally plugged in. He turned up the energy of the crowd a ton of notches, starting with tunes that could have been featured on his Journeymans disc – very dubby and laid back. But he quickly amped up the beats, moving through a range of dance genres that had the crowd shaking their bodies with big smiles all around.


Deadbeat @ New Forms Fest 2011

Oh yeah, and there was this guy. With the BEST T-SHIRT EVER. Thanks dude!


The Best TShirt Ever @ New Forms Fest 2011

And thanks New Forms, for another excellent year of art & music!
For more info, check out the New Forms site and follow them on Facebook & Twitter