The House, As It Should Be (Creating The Spaces for Creative Communities to Express, Develop, Nuture, and Grow)

Fucking awesome.
I’m feeling super fucking inspired after hanging with LD tonight. Art is everything, art is on the way.
Create the space for creativity. Nothing else matters. Work, loss, love, jealousy, it’s all just a waste of time, it’s all just distraction from what really matters: EXPRESSION. Creating the space that encourages people to express themselves. We do not foster creativity in our society unless it directly relates to generating sales. Creativity is rewarded or appreciated or encouraged to improve the bottom line or some such business/marketing diatribe bullshit.
What has been lost is the positivity that is created from feeling vindicated by expression. By feeling that even if no one “gets it,” they still listen, they still watch, they still participate, they still give feedback. We are all lost and confused and frustrated and depressed because our world is WRONG. It values things and concepts and ideas that do not nurture our souls, that do not develop communities. What are we encouraged to do in life? We are encouraged to choose a field, train in it, and then fight everyone around us. To beat our peers. Not to work together, but to see each other as enemies. To do our damndest to see them fail so that we can advance. This is what is encouraged, this is what our parents and teachers and bosses want us to do.
And what is happening is that we are growing into a world of cold, lonely individuals. Social media and reality tv and streaming internet vids have all come at the perfect time – just as we might have been catching on that we are so desperately lonely and should probably rethink how we live life and what our priorities should actually be, we have been fed amazingly addictive distractions.

No more.
From today until I die, I live the life of A Casa Como Convem: The House, As It Should Be. www.acasacomoconvem.com.br
Thank you Luciana, this came at an incredibly perfectly pivotal time.

Stay tuned.