Inspired By The Tactility Of Red Fabric, Joseph Beuys Becomes My Next Portrait Subject

A few weeks ago,
as I was experimenting with photography and Instagram,
I emerged with this self portrait

which reminds me of Joseph Beuys‘ work with felt.

I have always greatly admired Beuys: how far-out and conceptual his work is, that as a teacher he believed

It (teaching) is my most important function. To be a teacher is my greatest work of art.

and that overall, he stands out as a truly unique artist.

Joseph Beuys, logically, it seems, has become the subject of my latest portrait drawing.
Here it is, after only 2 sessions of work:

Once completed, I will scan and vectorize it, as I have been doing with much of my drawings (see my series of Olio Festival venues and galleries or my illustration of Snoop Dogg/Lion), and will be screening it onto Tshirts,
which will say “yeeeeeaah” along the top and “Beuys” beneath:
“yeeeeeaah Beuys!”


An Artist’s Greatest Work of Art: Teaching

Many of those associated with Conceptual art taught for a living and saw this as an integral part of their creative work. ‘It (teaching) is my most important function,’ said Joseph Beuys. ‘To be a teacher is my greatest work of art.’ … He was sacked from the Dusseldorf academy in 1972 because he let anyone join his course who applied for it

Tony Godfrey, Conceptual Art (Phaidon 2006)