Feelin’ Good, Every Season

Because this groove is just so irresistible.

I actually first heard this on Nightmares On Wax’s Late Night Tales album. But it’s a remixed version. Still awesome as f**k, and I’ll tell you, I played that album back in the day (mid-2000’s).

But hearing this full version is even better. Have to admit: while I recognized Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz)’s voice, I was unaware it was a duo with Tony Allen, Afrobeat legend. Allen is still going strong, most recently recording an EP with techno legend Jeff Mills. What!

That’s mighty inspiring. Legends who just don’t quit! May we all have that level of energy and drive.


With Honesty and Effortless Humour: James Victore Explains Why Your Work Is A Gift

Thank you 99U for being a constant source of relevant and inspiring business and design information.
Today, thanks to his incredible 18 minute presentation, I’ve discovered a new creative idol: James Victore.
A successful designer, artist, and business person, but most importantly, a man with a huge heart who knows that living with purpose and helping others matters more than accolades or money.

“Teach your tongue to say ‘I don’t know’ and ye shall progress”

“Be grateful and be thankful that you are here, that we have this time”

Watch it here

James Victore: Your Work Is A Gift from 99U on Vimeo.


Inspired By Devotion To Beneficial Causes

Today, as my face was buried deep into my computer screen, I heard a knock at the front door. Since the sun has been beating down during this hot early September, the front door was open. I looked and saw a man standing with a clipboard. Bad news.

I support Greenpeace, and I agree with Médecins Sans Frontières. But sometimes their smiling faces at my door comes at a bad time. I’ve just looked at the how-am-I-gonna-pay-rent amount in my bank account, for example. Or a client is chomping at the bit, and I have no time to spare.

Today, though, was a different day. Maybe today was a little lighter with deadlines. Or maybe the man I was about to meet on my front porch was just honest and down to earth enough to cut through my potentially cold heart.

His name is Shawn Clunies-Ross. He is HIV positive and is walking the AIDS Walk For Life in Vancouver on Sunday September 18th 2011. He explained very simply that this is his 3rd year raising money for the walk, here are his credentials, would I have anything to donate? Cash ain’t bleeding out of my fingertips these days (uh, actually, it never has), but I gave what I could, filled out his form, and said a fond farewell.
If you can, please donate to the cause. Sponsor Shawn here.

The 1st Canadian AIDS Walk was 26 years ago and “All proceeds raised by the Scotiabank AIDS WALK for LIFE in Greater Vancouver become part of Positive Living BC’s Complementary Health Fund (CHF).” For more, please read here.


No F’n Regrets! & Bathroom Pics (Destroy, Challenge)

While researching RAID 1 NAS options, I was browsing Chase Jarvis’ amazing site of helpful photography ideas and tips (I think it was on his site that I 1st found out about G-Tech products, which seem AMAZING but are hella expensive).

Today I stumbled upon his interview with REI brand manager Jason Sutherland. I especially like that he said this:

F it all and f-n no regrets. Bottom line, get pissed, destroy. And by destroy, I mean tear it all down so you create something new and wonderful out of the strange parts that are left over. Make stuff. Cool stuff. Move on. Make more. Don’t dwell in the past. (It’s over.)

To read the rest of his advice on how to approach creative directors, go here.

In a related matter, as I was brushing my teeth in my bathroom last night, preparing for a much-needed sleep after a 12+ hour day of work, I challenged myself to shoot some abstract still lives. Seems all I’ve been doing is shooting live music, which ain’t bad, but some variety needs to be throw in the mix!
Here is one of my results:

Have a great day my friends,
and remember: “F it all and no regrets!!!”


Response to Altered States, A Night of Video Art at Little Mountain Gallery

Cycling across town
in the cold dark night
with my girlfriend
crisp cutting air reviving
to arrive for a night of video work
by a variety of artists,
one who I know
which is how I know
about the evening.
At a little gallery (mountain)
in an old neighbourhood of mine
… lost years, years I lost my connection to my gut…

tonight the heat isn’t on
though it may never be
what’s important, though, is watching these videos
between the viaduct
throat singing
eerie singing
again, done differently, again, done differently
silent gradients
spokes, floating, circles,
but more than anything – film strip motorcycles laying in silence
it was all so powerful (It’s OK What’s Going to Happen Right Now)
I belonged in those 6 minutes
to something that had achieved greatness
I imagined Scorcese sitting there, in wonder,
immediately signing the creator to his next big project –
such vision, such enthralling, if abstract narrative.
I was told that this is the first time it has been shown in Canada
(created in Malaysia)
so it may not be found on YouTube or Vimeo or those places
but if it is, I’ll let you know.

I love seeing what people are making
even if I don’t like it
(but tonight I did, much of it!)
it still inspires me
the creativity
the dedication
taking an idea and seeing it through
working through self doubt
working when life prevents it
then taking the work
and working at getting it shown.

Please visit for more information on the artists and the videos that inspired me tonight.