Incense Leaf, Centre Me, Remind Of This Moment

incenseLeaf_01 by Format No Auto
incenseLeaf_01, a photo by Format No Auto on Flickr.

Mediation has been important for me ever since I dated a girl whose mother is a practicing Buddhist. I feel it’s incredibly important to centre, to find grounding, though so much of the time, we are swept away in the drowning currents of go go go modern urban life.

I went camping last weekend, a great 2 days away from it all; I even turned my phone off (!). I realized that as much as technology enables us to do wonderful things (graphic design, social networking, posting to this blog), it increasingly roboticizes us, it kills our flesh-and-blood contact to this world.

I was re-awakened on that camping trip, and upon return, dedicated myself to my physical presence. I have resumed a regime of stretching and exercising every morning, followed by a meditation.

It’s quite hilarious that I began this blog as a way to help me stay in THE MOMENT, to appreciate the here and now, yet I haven’t been here often. That says something to me – that I have become a slave to the go go go, that anxiety is the anti-moment, that I am not lost, but it is easy to be such. Here’s to meditation, here’s to THE MOMENT.