Posting The Impossible, or, Calling An Arts Admin Position What It Really Is

I’m sorry, ArtsBC, but this is insulting
A job posting to be Executive Director, part time?!?!

There is NO fucking way anyone can do this job, and do it even remotely well, on a part time basis.

Not when the Executive Director will be “responsible for the overall day-to-day management and administration of the organization,” to “Establish and maintain strong communication and good working relationships with community and regional arts councils, other arts organizations, government agencies, funding agencies, and to promote ArtsBC and its mission in every way possible” and on and on.

Anyone who has ever worked in the capacity of an arts administrative position knows just how much time these responsibilities take.

Just because you can only pay a $32-$36,000 salary doesn’t mean you should try to convince anyone that they will be working part time hours.

“Part time” means that the employee would have the other part of their time to do another job, or take care of their family, or pursue other projects. This position of ArtsBC Executive Director would not allow any of this time.

Please repost this job position as what it is, a Full Time job. Thank you.

With respect,
Ash Tanasiychuk,
artist & life long supporter of the arts


Arts Job Postings For Vancouver BC!

Education Coordinator for VIVO Media Arts

VIVO Media Arts is one of Vancouver’s longest running artist run centres. It focuses largely on video production, although other types of art (largely digital) come into it’s programming.

VIVO provides equipment rental, editing booth rental, launches art shows and live music shows, as well as tons of great affordable education! This is where you’d come in.

Check out VIVO’s site

Full job application info here

Deadline Nov 3rd 2012

Fine Art Preparator for Rennie Collection

The Rennie Collection is enormous, and has a huge impact on art collecting in Western Canada.

If you have proven experience as a fine art preparator, are fit, strong, good with tools, and have a driver’s license, this is the job for you!

Application info avail here

Application deadline Oct 29 2012

Student Services Assistant for Arts Umbrella

If you love the arts and love working with youth (ages 2-19), this job would be great. Assist staff with various administrative tasks, as well as helping parents with registration and related issues. Some evening and weekend work is expected.

Full details here

Deadline Oct 28 2012

Box Office Assistant for The Cultch

Provide customer service, sell tickets, etc. Super key to a successful, enjoyable theatre experience!

Job details here

Deadline Oct 19 2012

Venue Management Instructor for Capilano University

Have minimum five years experience in venue management in the arts and cultural sector? Share the knowledge – Teach it!

Full job details here

Deadline Oct 19 2012


New Music, Art Mag, Art Quote, Art Survival, Crap Site, and Dark Kid’s Lit


Fucking awesome: new LCD Soundsystem !!!
He’s streaming the ENTIRE album on his site:
After listening to it on repeat all day, it’s pretty easy to say “Dance Yrself Clean” is one of his best tracks ever and this might be his most solid album yet.
This album kills. Can’t wait to freak out to him live at Sasquatch!!!


If I haven’t already mentioned the newly redesigned Front mag, I should.
Front has been redesigned, and it’s doing so to get away from typical art criticism, which I am all for.
Very exciting. Makes me want to get involved.


Quite a thoughtful review of Erykah Badu’s new album on Pitchfork
with a great couple of lines near the end:

Her art is her life, and her life– like anyone’s– is too messy and varied to contain. Whether or not it’s her responsibility to distill and make sense of it all is beside the point.


I like the title of this series: Quit Your Day Job.
Yes, I AM interested in finding out how my favourite artists make ends meet. Fill me in!


Royal Ontario Museum: how can it have the coolest building in Canada
AND the worst site in the world???????
This site looks like a wall of spam. I don’t want to look at a wall of ads, thank you.


Crow Toes Quarterly (
This children’s lit site is not what you’d think.
Where you might think you’d find cute characters and harmless stories with stock morality tacked on the end, you will instead find dark, playful, funny and frightening stories accompanied by mesmerizing art.
Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.