Bukowski Sums Up Hollywood (Quote from Born Into This)

I found out that Hollywood is more crooked, dumber, crueler, stupider than all the books I read about it. They didn’t go deeply enough into how it lacks art and soul and art. How it’s really a piece of crap. There are too many hands directing, there are too many fingers in the pot and they’re all kinda ignorant about what they’re doing and they’re greedy and they’re vicious so you don’t get much of a movie

Charles Bukowski on his less than satisfying experience making Barfly
– from Bukowski: Born Into This, a brilliant documentary about this seminal figure of 20th century American literature.
The movie portrays Bukowski as a man with a kind heart and good intentions, an imperfect person as we all are, who drank excessively but spoke with absolute honesty, which perfectly fits one of my Goals for 2011 – to be honest even though it may cause discomfort in others, even though it may create conflict. Bukowski knew this and chose to live it.


Ode To Video Recording (You interviewed Nina Simone, Daniel Johnston, and Charles Bukowski, for this I thank you)

tonight I give my thanks to the invention of video recording,
specifically for the use of interviews.
for the use of people talking about themselves,
explaining themselves,
sharing themselves with their unknown viewers.

I feel especially thankful
because in the past couple days
I have watched 3 brilliant artists
explain themselves
share themselves
with me
even though we’ve never met.
And because they have shared themselves
their ideas
their lives, as difficult as they may have been,
I feel a belonging. I belong here right now
in my body,
living my life,
because I am doing what they have done.
They lived life,
pursued their passions
and lived to share it,
I am living my life,
pursuing my passions
I am learning to share them.

The 3 brilliant artists I am referring to are:
Nina Simone
Daniel Johnston
Charles Bukowski.

Although I have read some Bukowski,
have heard of Johnston,
and have listened to and adored Simone for many years,
I have not known much about any of them,
nor have I heard them speak,
I had not seen their faces
with their mouths
speak with their voices
saying whatever it is that their minds
felt the need to form into words and sentences.

The following 3 films brought on this gratitude and my sense of belonging.
I thank:
Bukowski: Born Into This (2003)

The Devil And Daniel Johnston (2005)

Nina Simone Live At Ronnie Scott’s (1985)
(after watching the following clip, watch the full video is here.)