Gal Gracen, Blue Hearts in Exile

Gorgeous Music To Hold Your Soul In A Gentle Palm

Gal Gracen. A Vancouver-based “fantasy / romance” band, as described on their facebook page. Or my favourite description of their music: “dreamcatcher,” as listed on their bandcamp.
Check this out, you and your soul will be better for it: Blue Hearts in Exile

And if after those 7 gorgeous tracks, you’re as in love with them as I am, you won’t miss their show at 303 Columbia on Thurs May 14, in which other brilliant Vancouver bands such as Mesa Luna, Whitney K, and Plazas will perform at.
happy hour radio presents: gal gracen, mesa luna, whitney k & plazas at 303 Columbia, Vancouver BC, 2015


Lo Fi Undiscovered 60’s Band Pisces Fits This Rainy 2012 Morning Just Fine

Wow. Listen to this: “Sam” by Pisces from 1968.
I’d never heard of this band before. After a little research, it appears not too many people do, either. Definitely worth a listen though. That echoing drum hit (I’m thinking ?uestlove likes it too ;)), that aching heart voice, that lo fi guitar…