Helpful, cool, informative sites as well as sites featuring artists (illustrators, sculptors, installations artists, performance artists, musicians, writers, painters…) that continually inspire me.

Vincent Parker (artist, musician)

I’ve been admiring Parker’s Biltmore posters for months. I finally took the time to find out who makes them. Turns out that he’s a talented musician, too.

Magdalena Abakanowicz (sculptor)

Discovered her at Grant MacEwan when we had to choose an artist at random to research. I chose her because her name is amazing. Turns out I love her & her art.

Aubrey Beardsley (illustrator)

Amazingly emotive drawings. Discovered when I bought Salome for an SFU class. 19th century genius, died at age 25.

Joseph Beuys (performance, sculptor, thinker – this man had it all goin’ on!)

Absolute marvel, this man. Introduced to him during Grant MacEwan days. Hugely inspirational.

Dike Blair (sculptor, painter, writer)

Initially turned on to her because of “Untitled,” 2007 – gouache and pencil on paper, dark gradient top to light bottom with three white lines protruding from left. Simple but alluring.
Now I’ve seen more and I absolutely love pieces that do not have a typical point of focus. A lot of her work seems to be without a subject, and I love that. “Untitled,” 2003 (of a frosted glass door) is fantastic.

coin gutter (sound art)

Haunting, grating, and at times beautiful.

L Filipe dos Santos (illustrator)

Gorgeous stuff – definitely has his own style & knows it.

Steve Glenn (architect)

Prefabricated, almost completely self-sustaining homes. And they’re gorgeous!

Dan Graham (conceptual artist)

Intriguing and mind boggling – check this out:

Gustav Klimt (painter)

So what if his work is on postcards around the world? His work is beautiful.

Sol LeWitt (wall drawings & “structures”)

His “A Cube with Scribble Bands in Four Directions” reminds me of how, as a small child, I thought we were full of curly hairs inside; that our hearts would move freely around our insides ….

Masamichi Katayama (interior designer)

Wow. Not only is this interior designer’s stuff outstanding, the website is a trip!

Taylor Mali (spoken word artist)

Originally found out about him through the excellent film SlamNation.
Yes, Saul Williams is awesome. But Taylor Mali really stood out for me. Looks like he’s still going strong.

Alphonse Mucha (painter)

I am especially drawn to his decorative panels. How he does their hair!

Raphael Montañez Ortíz (Deconstructionist, professor)

Rod Penner (painter)

Highlighting the ugly, run-down scenes of life with gorgeous photo realism.

Mordecai Richler (writer)

This man’s perspective, clarity, and sense of humour startle me.  His title character in Barney’s Version, though many decades my senior, grabbed me unlike any before or since.

Gerhard Richter (painter)

I admire anyone who pursues colour as definitively as this.

Egon Schiele (painter)

Marvellous portrayal of the human body.

Julian Schnabel (painter, filmmaker)

Director of The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, Before Night Falls, AND Basquiat.
He has a raw, real, beautiful vision and an immaculate ability to communicate that vision (which is 99% of the battle – imagining things is one thing, being able to convert it to a form that others can partake in, that’s the tough shit. This is why I think there aren’t more artists. It’s really tough and discouraging to try to communicate what we see and feel).

Bill Sienkiewicz (graphic novel artist)

Hands down the most lush brilliant comic artist ever. He’s illustrated (painted, collaged) so many powerful books it’s impossible to keep track.
Hugely important X-Men issue 205, a stretch of The New Mutants series, and Elektra: Assassin.

Jennifer Steinkamp (video/new media installations)

Check out these crazy hypnotic animated vines.

Oscar Wilde (writer)


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