What an honour!

Vancouver-based photographer Christopher Edmonstone has thrown himself into an incredible portrait photography project. It’s called #artistathome. And I’m his most recent subject!

He hand-picks artists who he believes are doing great things in the city, whether they’re recording albums or building community.

One of the best parts is, he isn’t just wham bam thank you ma’am in and out; for Christopher this is just as much about building and strengthening relationships as it is about building a solid body of photos (he’s shot upwards to 90 #artistathome portraits now).

Christopher meets the artist at their home. He talks with the artist. Really talks. A hey-how-ya-doin’-it’s-been-waaaaaay-too-long-but-we’re-not-just-gonna-gloss-over-the-highlights-we’re-gonna-get-to-the-nitty-gritty-and-really-talk. And he really listens. And shares.

It was a fantastic Saturday afternoon.

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I’m touched by what Christopher wrote, to accompany the portrait:

I really want you to meet today’s ‪#‎artistathome‬ as he was one of the first people that helped enable the way for me in my current path.

I met him in January 2011 shooting a show at The Commodore Ballroom. Back then I was hustling every band I wanted to photograph coming to town to get a photopass. He suggested that I contact him the next time I wanted to shoot a show as he was now the photo editor of concert blog site called guttersnipe. From that point I on could focus on shooting shows instead of spending time trying to get a photopass.

After a couple of years Ashley had come to the realization that big stars didn’t need him to take photos, but that his local community did. He started shooting events featuring local artists, gallery openings, artists talks bands and performers eventually wrapping all of it into what is now the website called VANDOCUMENT. Actually, it is more than just a website, it is a great collection of photographers, videographers and writers that embody and share the idea that art is important, and that you can build community through it. Ashley’s is doing his dream and what he believes in.

VANDOCUMENT has grown into a true collective of over 50 volunteer contributors over the past two years since it was launched in May 2013. Having seen first hand the growth of this VANDOCUMENT I am really impressed with everything about it, from the aesthetics, to it’s mission statement, to plans to turn it into an official not-for-profit organization. I think everyone can learn something from some of Ashley’s guiding principals for his life.

I will share with you three points taken from a recent talk that he gave at the Dreamers + Doers Event:

  1. Surround yourself with believers, supporters, and participants in your dream.
  2. Thank those who help you, give back to those who give to you, and create opportunities for them. Build and respect your community.
  3. Take chances. Lots of them. As often as possible.

These are amazing words to live by and they are something I strive towards. It was really great to get together with Ashley last week over some beers and later burgers! Be sure to check out http://www.VANDOCUMENT.com, lots of interesting stuff happening in the city we all love.

Thank you Christopher. You’re an incredible human and a massive talent. Keep it up!


The Potential Of Every Single One Of Us

Every human being is born into this world fully equipped not only to take care of himself or herself, but also to contribute to the well-being of the world as a whole. Some get the chance to explore their potential, but many others never get the chance to unwrap the wonderful gifts they were born with. They die with those gifts unexplored, and the world remains deprived of their contribution.

– Muhammad Yunus, Building A Social Business


Nick Waterhouse Rocks The Kids With Revivalist Power


A fantastic show by jazz/blues/swing revivalist Nick Waterhouse, and his charming, talented band. I was on assignment for Beatroute magazine.


Brilliant! Chess at the gallery, who’s in?

Gam Gallery

Friday October 19, 8:30 pmWe’ve got sets of all shapes and sizes.
We’ve got music, mood and booze.
We’ve got what you’ve all been waiting for.
Now all we need is you.

3 dollars for games.
Zero dollars to chill.

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The House, As It Should Be (Creating The Spaces for Creative Communities to Express, Develop, Nuture, and Grow)

Fucking awesome.
I’m feeling super fucking inspired after hanging with LD tonight. Art is everything, art is on the way.
Create the space for creativity. Nothing else matters. Work, loss, love, jealousy, it’s all just a waste of time, it’s all just distraction from what really matters: EXPRESSION. Creating the space that encourages people to express themselves. We do not foster creativity in our society unless it directly relates to generating sales. Creativity is rewarded or appreciated or encouraged to improve the bottom line or some such business/marketing diatribe bullshit.
What has been lost is the positivity that is created from feeling vindicated by expression. By feeling that even if no one “gets it,” they still listen, they still watch, they still participate, they still give feedback. We are all lost and confused and frustrated and depressed because our world is WRONG. It values things and concepts and ideas that do not nurture our souls, that do not develop communities. What are we encouraged to do in life? We are encouraged to choose a field, train in it, and then fight everyone around us. To beat our peers. Not to work together, but to see each other as enemies. To do our damndest to see them fail so that we can advance. This is what is encouraged, this is what our parents and teachers and bosses want us to do.
And what is happening is that we are growing into a world of cold, lonely individuals. Social media and reality tv and streaming internet vids have all come at the perfect time – just as we might have been catching on that we are so desperately lonely and should probably rethink how we live life and what our priorities should actually be, we have been fed amazingly addictive distractions.

No more.
From today until I die, I live the life of A Casa Como Convem: The House, As It Should Be. www.acasacomoconvem.com.br
Thank you Luciana, this came at an incredibly perfectly pivotal time.

Stay tuned.