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Because we appreciate things that don’t last

This is brilliant. What a way to grab people’s attention to your music.

Release music that’s only available for one month.

Do it regularly so you can feature new artists all the time.

And how clever, to produce it easily and give it a super appealing low fi vibe, record it on a phone.

Love it.

Listen to Etran de L’Aïr‘s “Music from Saharan WhatsApp,” buy it, and keep tuned in for more from Sahel Sounds.

“For the year of 2020, Sahel Sounds presents “Music from Saharan WhatsApp.” Every month, we’ll be releasing an EP from a musical group in the Sahel. Every album will be recorded on a cellphone, and transmitted over WhatsApp, and uploaded to Bandcamp – where it will live for one month only. Available for pay as you want, 100% of the sales will go directly to the artist or group. After one month, the album will be replaced by another one, until the end of the year.” ~ Read more about this wicked project on their Bandcamp page.

/// another example of how brilliant and artist-supporting Bandcamp is. I’m such a fan of this platform. ///


Could research tools revolutionize the arts?

Through my current communications and marketing job, I come across a lot of very cool projects. Did I ever mention how satisfying and inspiring it is to realize that researchers are the same as artists – creating new things because they are driven to – only they work in academia, as opposed to nonprofits?

Anyway, the most recent inspiring thing I came across is this: The OSF (Open Science Framework). It’s “a free and open source project management repository that supports researchers across their entire project lifecycle.” In short, it makes researcher’s projects easier to manage, by allowing contributors, with the option to make parts of the project public. It manages files, data, code… streamlining everything to increase efficiency.

Read all about it here:

I want to do the same for the arts! Does anyone know a programmer I could work with and some grants I could tap into? Let’s make this happen!

I’ve been thinking a lot about bringing techniques and tools used by academic researchers into the world of art creation to shake up how artists do what they do. Sure, a lot of artists might not be into it, but I believe there are also a lot who would be! Those artists who already work in digital media or coding, for sure. Then the ones who regardless of their medium are already tweeting, streaming video, or using modern tech to further their careers.

If you’ve got any ideas on this subject or know anyone who’s already doing this, I’d appreciate if you’d share what you know! Send me your comments.

Oh, and I’m rarely going to end a post without some inspiring visuals or music. Here’s what’s been getting me going the last couple of days. New stuff!

Brand new Methyl Ethel album. This Aussie artist is so unique; this new stuff is on another level: Listen to Triage
(track 7 – wow!)

And I’ve always been a sucker for drum and bass, and Nobody Asks by TMSV is where it’s at.

Till next time, peace, love, art and respect!


Blunt, Thou Art The Lion’s Paws


To both the Dogg and the Lion, only one thing matters…

My mixed media piece for the Drop It Like It’s Art show, Vancouver BC Nov 9 2012. Printed 19”x13”

Creative process:
Step 1) hand draw (pencil on paper) illustration of Snoop, based on found photo
Step 2) scan drawing
Step 3) in Photoshop, adjust exposure & levels to increase contrast
Step 4) place in Illustrator, trace & expand all lines to vector shapes
Step 5) sample colours from photo, digitally colour the vector graphic image
Step 6) accidentally discover that illustration layered on digital colour layered on photo look really dope together!
Step 7) throw in a few masks to emphasize his hand, smoke, etc, tweak, make adjustments and bam! There you have it.


Incredibly Helpful Tutorial If You Want Multiple Email Address Options From Your iPhone

Holy crap, thank you Jon Mitchell, thank you very very much.

While it is somewhat well known that the best way to sync your Gmail account with Mac Mail and Google Calendars with iCal (especially if you have multiple calendars and want to be able to read, write, edit/have full functionality from your iPhone) is to set up Exchange, what seems to elude most users is how to send from your choice of email address.

While the Exchange server will fetch from multiple addresses, it won’t let you send from multiple. Sure, you could create multiple accounts in the iPhone’s settings, but that gets messy and has been known to clog up and cause problems.

The easiest/slickest solution? Fetch Calendars with Exchange, and fetch Gmail with ‘Other.’ Believe me, it’s true!

Read the wise, clear, and concise words of Mr. Mitchell at for how this works: