Hi !


My name is Ash Tanasiychuk. I am a creator and an explorer. I draw, shoot photos, and design stuff.


I also like to write.
THE MOMENT is my blog. It’s called THE MOMENT because it is about things (music, art, film, etc) that inspire me and keep me grounded.


My artist moniker is Format No Auto.
Format No Auto is about resisting the prepaved pathways in life. Forge your own path, without fear.
Check out formatnoauto.com.


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. stefan says:

    i like your new site! its like we hung out and you told me a few more intimate secrets and we didnt have to get drunk to do it. thanks for your bravery. impressive!


  2. jennyreed says:

    well sunshine, i am blown away (as usual) with you and your talent. your new site is beautiful! i can’t even wrap my wee brain around the time and effort that must have gone into it’s creation… amazing!


  3. yandy says:

    Hi Ashley,

    It was a pleasure to meet you, your blog’s awesome!

    PS. I really did build up some biceps from raking that day…thanks for taking my rake!


    • Hi Yandy,
      Yes, it was a pleasure to meet you too.

      Thank you for the compliment on my blog.
      THE MOMENT fills something inside that I didn’t know was missing.
      It’s actually accomplishing it’s mission – to keep me in The Moment,
      to help me see and hear and feel and taste and smell what is happening Right Now,
      rather than the Before or the After, which is where most of us usually are.

      Continue reading!
      Continue creating!
      Continue to get involved!
      Continue to live!
      These actions I wish for you, Yandy.

      All the best, Ash


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