Believe It Or Not, Those Walls Of Personal Statuses Can Be Surprisingly Inclusive, Even Enlightening

Ever awaken with anxiety and dispair?
You probably wouldn’t think that reading a wall of social media statuses would improve your mood,
but within a matter of brief minutes, here are some beautiful ones of note:

the funny thing about enlightenment is that it looks just like being crazy, only way to differentiate between a madman and a buddha, is by the actions.


Just wrapping up the very last tail end of these Christmas hampers (4 days of insanity coming to a close!), and I have one last family in need who needs a hamper delivered. If anyone is around today with a car and feels like delivering a box of fresh wholesome food and gifts to an apartment in east van, please let me know! Sometime between now and noon. ♥


Never think you are right.
To be right is to be wrong. I am even wrong in saying never think you are right. At the moment you feel justified, it is taken and you experience truth. At the edge of this “knowing” we become aware that we do not know. That knowing is only a movement of change and force to know not knowing.
And in not knowing we submerse ourselves in the rich reality of life’s duality. Conversations become connections, arguments become lessons, perspectives become awareness. We realize our lucidity as we except our vulnerability…within and with each other. So I am not right and you are not wrong, we are just dancing in the midst of awareness.

To community, real love, encouragement, and support!
May these and more positive life engagement be our focus the new year and forever.


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