Experimental Music & Video + Interpretive Dance = Another Great Night @ VIVO

VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver’s oldest artist run media centre, continues to turn out excellent evening programming.

Most recently, a night simply called “Live Audiovisual Event” (no need for superfluous wording: I can dig it) featured a series of experimental sound artists, all accompanied by video projections.Live Audiovisual Event @ VIVO, Nov 4th 2011

First up, Vancouver minimal electronica noise pioneers Coin Gutter. coingutter_VIVO_IMG_1952
Their sound has moved away from abrasive, insulting noise to a more rhythmic beat-oriented sound, yet their dirty, unexpected random noises are still present and set this duo apart from the rest.

Next up, voice contortionists Ross Birdwise and Soressa Gardner with video visuals (mostly looped and upside down clips from old cartoons) by Victor Ballesteros.
While this group has more than enough talent to hold everyone’s attention, they added Luciana D’Anunciacao to the team.
Her interpretive dance, at times erratic, at times soft and gentle, was an impossibly captivating element of the evening.

The last group that I saw (J Garrett ending the evening after I left) was The Automatic Message. Not only were the visuals for AM’s set beautiful HD clips of single men in a variety of remote locations (barnhouses, fields, etc), but their music was bumpin’!!
Just as I noticed my hips and feet loosening into their beats, a friend came over and said, in an almost shocked voice, “Hey, you wanna dance?” The night, up to this point, was about sitting and absorbing the excellent sounds & visuals performed by some of Vancouver’s most talented artists. But now it was time to dance!

An excellent evening all around. I left VIVO undeterred by the evening’s light rain; my core was warm and satisfied as I cycled home.

For my full gallery of pics from the evening, visit my set on Flickr: Live Audiovisual Event @ VIVO, Vancouver BC, November 4 2011


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