Portishead in Vancouver: Happily Check That One Off The Bucket List

The seemingly impossible happened last night: Vancouverites saw & heard, in person, the band that created some of the most moving experimental downtempo songs of the 90s.


Portishead, who rarely release albums, and even more rarely tour, are playing internationally, and came to Vancouver to support their 2008 release, Third, and keep up interest in their band, in advance of their upcoming fourth album.


Despite the hangar-style venue, the PNE Forum, the sound was surprisingly good. Beth Gibbons incomparable voice was spot-on through every song, and the band made sure to satisfy everyone in the crowd (which included youngsters who were barely born when Portishead’s 1st album came out, all the way to folks who might have been in their 30s or 40s when the same album was released), playing material from all three albums: Dummy, Portishead (S/T), and Third.


They even played their new single, Chase The Tear.

Portishead – Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

If Portishead are coming to your city, I highly recommend you check them out. For tour dates and more info, go to their official site:

For this show, I was on assignment for The Snipe News. Check out the original post, with review and full gallery here.


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