Inspired By Devotion To Beneficial Causes

Today, as my face was buried deep into my computer screen, I heard a knock at the front door. Since the sun has been beating down during this hot early September, the front door was open. I looked and saw a man standing with a clipboard. Bad news.

I support Greenpeace, and I agree with Médecins Sans Frontières. But sometimes their smiling faces at my door comes at a bad time. I’ve just looked at the how-am-I-gonna-pay-rent amount in my bank account, for example. Or a client is chomping at the bit, and I have no time to spare.

Today, though, was a different day. Maybe today was a little lighter with deadlines. Or maybe the man I was about to meet on my front porch was just honest and down to earth enough to cut through my potentially cold heart.

His name is Shawn Clunies-Ross. He is HIV positive and is walking the AIDS Walk For Life in Vancouver on Sunday September 18th 2011. He explained very simply that this is his 3rd year raising money for the walk, here are his credentials, would I have anything to donate? Cash ain’t bleeding out of my fingertips these days (uh, actually, it never has), but I gave what I could, filled out his form, and said a fond farewell.
If you can, please donate to the cause. Sponsor Shawn here.

The 1st Canadian AIDS Walk was 26 years ago and “All proceeds raised by the Scotiabank AIDS WALK for LIFE in Greater Vancouver become part of Positive Living BC’s Complementary Health Fund (CHF).” For more, please read here.


One thought on “Inspired By Devotion To Beneficial Causes

  1. Unfortunately all the money Shawn collects does not go to the AIDS Walk for Life. He is using this to scam people and has been for several years. Positive Living BC, the organizer of the Walk, has been in touch with the Vancouver Police and he is under a cease and desist order. From what we have learned he is out there now (April 2013) trying to get money even though the event has not actually started it’s fund raising yet. Please, if you see him again, let us know. Thanks.


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