Vancouver Public Library, My Heart & Soul Can’t Thank You Enough (More Awesome New Stuff: Juxtapoz Mag, George Lois, Audrey Kawasaki)

Whooo! I freakin’ love the great things I’m exposed to thanks to the library.

I took out the December 2010 issue of Juxtapoz magazine, which until then, I’ll admit, I had never heard of.
You’re probably laughing, right? Because Juxtapoz has run over 100 issues, has 87,681 fans on Facebook, and is just downright awesome.

Juxtapoz is a monthly magazine that covers contemporary artists who deserve crucial attention…
We are devoted to providing coverage of the most dynamic, unconventional, and innovative art being produced today.

Those are just a couple snippets from their Basic Info on fcbk.

Within the first few pages of this magazine, I read an excellent editor’s Introduction (I’m a sucker for good Letters From The Editor. I figure if the editor in chief can write an engaging intelligent intro to each issue, it’s a good sign that the mag itself will carry that high quality). In it, the topic of society’s obsession with youth is introduced. The mandate of this issue, it is stated, is to turn that obsession on it’s head, focusing on the game changers who are older than 35.

As a key example, George Lois (“the ‘coolest’ and ‘culturally relevant’ artist and tastemaker at the ripe age of 79”), is featured in an article later in the magazine. It appears Lois is a major force behind the success of Esquire mag, Nickelodeon, and ESPN. This is the guy who spearheaded the “I Want My MTV” campaign! Crazy.

The editor’s letter concludes with this advice to those in the +35 bracket:

… the key is to remain engaged and participate with the world on your own terms.

That resounded and vibrated within me as I read it, especially to “participate on my own terms.”
I feel engaged, but it is how I choose to participate that could use some work. On my own terms, it is then, from now on!!

What do you do when you discover a new fascinating person, band, or in this case, magazine? You head to their website!
And what should I find there, within a minute or two? Stunning, surreal, sensual illustration by Audrey Kawasaki.
Audrey Kawasaki "She Entwined" in Juxtapoz magazine
Truly amazing. Inspiring and alluring. I’ll definitely be sure to dive deeper into her site.

Thanks VPL, for being an endless source of inspiration! And thank you everyone at Juxtapoz for making a kick ass art mag! Much love, Ash


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