Art & Music, How They Save Me, Fill Me With Life, and Where They Lead My Thoughts

On a day difficult day in my heart,
I find love in art and music.
Art and music keep me afloat, better than that,
they inject my heart with lifeforce.

First, music.

Karkwa, Polaris Prize winners in 2010, have been on repeat for over a week. That’s a big deal for me. Even when I really really dig something, I rarely play it on repeat because I enjoy a range of music, and rarely want to stay on the same thing. But Les Chemins De Verre (you can listen to clips of the album on their site here), the album that won them $20,000 last year, is something special, as Jian Ghomeshi said while closing his interview with the band on Q (watch that interview here).

Say what you will about gala shows but I thank Polaris greatly for bringing Karkwa to my attention. Yes, they’ve been around for ever (12 years!) and have gained notoriety in Quebec and France, but that French-centric scene isn’t mine. I wish I were fluent in French, hell, I wish learning English AND French were mandatory in Canadian schools – we are supposedly a bilingual country! The bits of French we are taught in public school, with focus on grammar and not speaking, are pitiful. But if you want something done right, you do it yourself, right? So I’ll have to pursue that dream and go live in Quebec and immerse myself in it. One day, soon.

Next, art.

Holy shit more amazingness from Google: This was brought to my attention by a coworker today. Apparently, Google made arrangements to take high end cameras into galleries around the world and photograph – in super high res – entire collections of art. So not only can you view the collection in The Palace of Versailles, you can view the pieces as close as though your nose was touching the canvases! And somehow, even at that high resolution, the images load quickly! Truly stunning. This could be one to get lost in for hours, but every second would be worth it.

This is another notch in what seems like an endless stream of excellent free apps from Google (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Maps, etc). It’s making me want an Android phone. Do you have one? Know anyone who does? I like the idea, and although I know you can access all your Google stuff from other smart phones, you’d think they’d be especially fast and efficient running on Google’s browser. I’ll have to look into that soon…

But smart phones and second languages aside,
today, I give thanks to art and music. Without you both I’d be but a shell.


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