Love for the Human Body, Appreciation for the Real, Sensual, Beautiful Body

Nudity without being sensationalist? Beautiful, sensual, and artistic instead? I don’t believe it!

Well, believe it and check it out at Montage Agency’s site

Montage Agency photo

It is beyond unfortunate how disrespected the human body is treated in our modern world – it is despicable.

Our bodies are wondrous creations – moving, adapting, in a continuous cycle of life and death (not just our birth and death, but also the daily life and death cycle of our cells).

Beyond this, our bodies are also sensual feasts for the senses. Every shade, scent, texture, sound and taste imaginable. Once we close our eyes to the tabloid rags (I mean not only People and Us, of course, but also CNN, Fox, and most media sources) and reopen them to what is actually before us, we can begin to ingest this feast.

But like meditation practice, it does not come all at once.

Remember to take a step back from the bombardment of stimuli as often as you can, and you might just begin to feel the tingle in your forearms again, you might just begin to see what you would gloss over today.

I thank Mona Kuhn for taking these photographs that help me begin again.


3 thoughts on “Love for the Human Body, Appreciation for the Real, Sensual, Beautiful Body

  1. zoltan says:

    Thank you for sharing this. One of the most beautiful series of photographs i have ever seen. I have every respect for Mona Kuhn, she presents the body and even the most intimate moment with such sensitivity and respect.
    I don’t know if you have ever come across the work of Pascal Renoux or his artphotoblog Similarily beautiful photographs there too. Thanks again!


    • Thank you zoltan, I’m glad you appreciate the work.
      The reason for calling my blog THE MOMENT is that I want to pay respect to anything that keeps me in the moment in life.
      Art of all forms (music, photography, drawing, video…) usually do this for me. It can be something I’ve never seen before, or something beautiful captured with soul, such as Mona Kuhn’s photography. Hopefully what brings me into the moment, making me catch my breath and slow down my life, just for a few moments, can do the same for others. So I am very happy that you responded so favourably.
      Thank you as well for the links. I always appreciate other people’s suggestions.
      All the best to you this year,


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