How The Oil Spill Disaster Taught Me That We Are Ambivalent Creatures, Until It Is Too Late

Is it normal to ignore crises that don’t affect us directly?


The ocean is being destroyed.
For nearly three months, 500,000 gallons of oil have been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico EVERY SINGLE DAY. It covers an unfathomable area (place the oil spill in your part of the world (virtually) at this site: If It Was My Home).
Due to the ocean stream, the oil will be carried up the eastern seaboard of the US and into the central Atlantic Ocean.

But for now, it is only those living in or near the spill who are (seemingly) directly affected.

Even though the BP oil spill is a debilitating example of how disgusting human greed can be, and the consequences of that greed, and it has been discussed by probably every single person on this planet at some point, what do most of us do?
We complain, but we do nothing.
We watch parodies but we do nothing.
We continue driving to work, burning fuel into the air, ignoring the rapid annihilation of the ocean and its multitude of living creatures.
We do nothing.

Some of us say we do nothing because there is nothing we can do. The spill is enormous – what could one person accomplish?
We say: The authorities must be sending professionals to fix it (fact: they are not. The US government is blocking assistance from other countries due to labor laws.

As much as they say they are trying to clean up the spill, it’s obvious that BP’s priority is to continue to collect as much oil as possible. Only after they are satisfied, will they begin the “clean up.”

Don’t you see that BP sees this as the greatest strike of oil in history?
Do you remember the scene in There Will Be Blood when they’ve struck liquid gold and it is raining down on them, covering the characters in this dark sticky mess, but they couldn’t be happier (watch 1:03 of the trailer)?

This is what the heads of BP are thinking.
They are smiling. They don’t give a shit that there isn’t going to be a world to live in, in which to spend their billions of dollars.
All they are thinking about are the unlimited dollars that they are bottling right now. The one and only concern they have is they don’t want to lose too much of it.

For example, on July 10, they took off the cap off the oil well in order to put on a tighter one. By removing the cap, millions more barrels of oil are going to spill into the water, while they take two days to add the new tighter cap, even though “There’s no guarantee for such a delicate operation deep below the water’s surface.”

Also, Transocean, the firm that operated the destroyed drilling rig, “has announced that it will make a $270 million profit on the insurance policy for the damaged oil rig.” Does this sound like they’re unhappy?

Who the f**k cares about the ocean, about the dolphins, the many fish, the Mississippi delta?
They’re just creatures in the sea.
We are god-like – we are human! As if we need to depend on the life in the sea.
As if the health and the life in the sea have anything to do with OUR existence, with OUR lives, with the balance of the world.
Even though the evidence clearly shows the direct correlation between the balance of the sea and the balance of the vital elements of life around the world, it is as though oil execs see this evidence as just some hippy pot smoking bullshit. Everything’s connected – yeah right.

So pour into the ocean, keep on pouring. As it does, they’ll spend millions on advertising to tell everyone “every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

How gullible and placated do we have to be to eat this shit of theirs?
Why are they allowed to cut off relief efforts and reporters?

If there was ever doubt that the big boys – the oil companies – control the entire earth, I think those doubters can finally accept that’s the way it is, and has been for ages.

But not for long.
Soon, we’ll all be dead because life on earth, air, and sea IS all connected! When the oceans are killed – not just thrown out of whack because of over fishing or bottom trawling, but literally KILLED – we will all die.

Stop having babies.
Stop having future dreams, stop putting your money in savings. Spend it now.
Try to enjoy your life, because while we all sit around complaining about the spill, and don’t actually do anything, our world is dying.


It may take years, but when plants aren’t growing, air becomes harder to breathe, crops are dying, our cattle and other animals are sick and developing new diseases because the water’s polluted because the air’s polluted because the entire area of that gulf has been MURDERED, then we will rise up!
Then, because it affects us directly, we will band together to make change, to reduce oil use, to live more in harmony with nature and her creatures.
We will no longer ignore this crisis because it affects us directly.
But by then a lot of creatures will be dead. It will be too late.

Humans are the only species who engage in intentional self-destructive behavior.”

ps: It is sadly humorous that, while waiting to watch a CBC video about the spill, the opening ads are for GMC and Infinity cars.


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