Ceramic Explodes Against The Wall, Is Your Zygoma As Brittle?


tonight I destroyed something else.
first a wheel
then a fan
now a bowl
then the spoon destroyed the drinking glass.

it felt as though the plates might all see their end
against that wall then that wall then that wall
shatter shatter break shatter everywhere little pieces.


i want you all to die
so that he’ll shut the fuck up
I what you all to die so I won’t be weak anymore
so I won’t have to take back what I didn’t say
so I won’t have to torture myself over how I don’t live
so I won’t have to accept my weakness
the smile I wear when I’m scared or intimidated
or worse,
mutherfuckin pissed off.
I hide it behind a smile
because you don’t want to see what’s inside
what’s been boiling between my ribcage and my kidneys –
it’s an atrocious stew
stinks like hell, more fiery than, it’d melt your skin off your face so quick you wouldn’t have time to see my smile sneak back on.
As I left you to bleed.
picking your face up from your linoleum floor.


It’s the quietest who are the most dangerous.
It’s the most pleasant who want you to hurt the worst.

Of course this is just a dream
an imaginary world, a half asleep doze off in the lecture hall because you’ve been up all night drinking and finishing that goddamn boring paper. And drinking.


Of course I’m just an artist exploring the impermanence of objects.
i wouldn’t hurt a fly.
I capture wasps in tupperware containers, carefully sliding the lid upon them being careful so gentle so as not to catch their wings and render them handicapped because all my intention was was to help them free them give them the big wide sky of the outdoors where they belong, not crippled creatures, fodder for spiders or the bottom of that bastard’s boot.
Because he kills wasps, I’m sure of it.


The zygoma forms the lateral portion of the inferior orbital rim, as well as the lateral rim and lateral wall of the orbit.

– definition from Facial Bone Anatomy on eMedicine


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