art:21 – A Wonderful, Well Worth Watching PBS Series

art:21 Season 4

art:21 is a wonderful PBS series.
“Art In The Twenty-First Century” provides quick glimpses into the lives of contemporary artists in the US.

Sometimes we see the artist at work in the studio, others they are at home. Or they may be setting up for a show.
Whatever the scenario, each artist’s personality comes out. Their manner, their choice of words, their explanations for why they do what they do.

Each time I watch an episode, I’m filled with reasons to create.
Not because I’m inspired, necessarily – actually, there have been many artists who I haven’t been interested in at all – but because I see people creating, whether I agree with their reasons or their results, and I know I should be doing the same.

I have been watching Seasons 1 and 2 (thanks to VPL for carrying it).
Looks like you can watch full episodes on the PBD site at

Thanks to this series,
I just discovered Ann Hamilton.
Her work with words (both spoken & written) are fascinating – she “unwrapped” an entire book, like it was yarn, and wove it into a ball.
lineament by Ann Hamilton

Better yet, she has also placed a camera in her mouth – exposing the film when she opens.
The resulting pictures share her lips as the frame – the results are unique, but it is mostly the process that made me feel like I was in a dream.
face to face by Ann Hamilton

Check her out at


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