Freedom vs Security

Security and freedom are not the same… in fact they are opposites. The more security you seek, the less freedom you have. The people with the most security are in jail. That is why it is called maximum security.

– comparing security (which employees seek) and freedom (which entrepreneurs seek) in Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter

Yes, I’m reading a Rich Dad book.

I remember working at Chapters years ago, and Vancouver Public Library more recently, and seeing the Rich Dad Poor Dad books fly off the shelves.
I thought, “Ugh, more self-help crap.”

Turns out, though, that amongst all the crap, there are some self-help books that are written by intelligent people whose lessons can actually guide us in beneficial directions.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
is on my hold list at VPL.
In the meantime, I picked up Before You Quit Your Job. I’m intrigued…

(To Dan Sorce: Thanks for the recommendation, and all your advice so far. Much appreciated)


2 thoughts on “Freedom vs Security

  1. fakepop says:

    _Security and freedom are not the same… in fact they are opposites._ Maybe, sometimes. You have to think about what these two concepts represent.

    Sometimes also, security gives freedom and vise-versa.

    And furthermore, I think this is often one step more remote than we think is it. In this sense we would be talking about feelings of security and feelings of freedom which I think can be very different than security and freedom themselves.

    Anyway, I have some ice cream to take care of.


    • Like almost everything in life, Francis, it is silly to state definites.
      Not only is everything constantly changing,
      but we must also take into account subjective opinions – there are as many opinions as there are individual people.

      I appreciate your points.
      I would not want anyone to believe that I am able to define my world in absolutes.
      On the contrary, I struggle daily with my own thoughts,
      questioning the extent to whether I even believe my own opinions!
      Though, in cases such as this blog entry,
      I have mentioned Kiyosaki’s quote because it helps me right now, in this moment, with the path I have chosen –
      to step away from the security of a twice-monthly paycheque,
      and toward the freedom of building an existence more honourable to my heart.


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