Start The Rules and Let Tank Girl Lead Me

At times, I feel lost. Very lost in this world.

When I stop to look at myself and what I’m doing with my time, with my life, I sometimes end up with a big question mark. It’s at times like these that I need some rules to depend on.

I am going to start a list of rules.

They might be general, they might be specific. They might seem hyper-practical, they might seem flighty. But fuck it, really. Cuz what’s this blog, my blog, about anyway? That’s right – staying in THE MOMENT. Doing whatever I can to stay in THE MOMENT.

So here we go, rules #1 and #2:


#1 – Always call everyone by their name. No “Hi buddy,” instead, “Hi Rob” or “Hi Dr.Koelink”

#2 – Always respond immediately to people’s calls, emails, and texts. Otherwise, they are forgotten. Also, people like immediate response – it shows that you care.


Wow. I was researching images of tanks (for a series of posters I’m working on), and I come across one of Tank Girl. That attitude-filled kick ass comic chick. Originally drawn by Gorillaz guy Jamie Hewlett.

Now I find out that since Hewlett’s dedication to Gorillaz, other artists have continued to keep Tank Girl alive. Most notably, Ashley Wood. Somehow, I hadn’t heard of this award-winning artist. Wow. His stuff is amazing. I love the expression in his work, how he can hide elements in the shadows, how he can exaggerate body parts (his women remind me of Bill Sienkiewicz‘s) and make it all flow into one gorgeous landscape.

My original love for visual art came through comic books. Sometimes I question why I didn’t follow that love. Once I hit my teens, I thought comic books were only for kids. But it’s adults writing and drawing them! I’d love to draw comics…

At times, I felt like I’ve missed the boat. Like I’ve dipped my toes in a lot of waters over my 34 years of life, and haven’t actually plunged in. Is it too late?

Hell no! you say.

Yeah, you’re right! I say, Of course it’s not too late!


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