Breathing Through The Struggle/Links Galore!


The Struggle

I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Trying to keep up with the pressures I place upon myself.
Then Four Tet’s “Slow Jam” comes on my headphones. My thoughts shift as I listen: The struggle is a beautiful thing (Check out the song put to video here).

More Music To Lose Yourself To

While I’m on the topic of grounding, reassuring, and hauntingly appropriate music…
Oh my goodness: new Loscil. Hell yeahs.
(I absolutely love “Second Narrows.” So much I drew a post-Valentine’s Day dedication in his name)

Dirty Album Art

As if I needed more reasons to love Madlib. Check out this beautifully haggard album cover for Madlib’s Medicine Show No. 3

More Madlib!

Oooooooh. This sounds reeeeallly promising. Guilty Simpson MC’s, Madlib provides the beats. Together they are OJ Simpson! (Hell, what can I say? Madlib kicks ass) Believe it!
Check it out here. And be sure to scroll down and listen to “Cali Hills.”

Disney Dubstep

Holy shit this is goooood dubstep:
ah ha ha ha ha – this is a Disney movie, innit? That’s wack. Bet Walt never woulda dreamt such things…


Questioning The Creative Process

Why do we create? In this brief but direct article on the subject, Pnina Granirer offers her ideas.

Also, that article lead me to this one, in which the writer (Cora Li-Leger) shares her raw and honest story about using the creative process to make it through physical breakdown.


I may be struggling, but I’m struggling with purpose.

As I push myself for greater growth and tackle increasingly difficult challenges, I am being exposed to more & more things that remind me why I live. Today, I mention all of these music and art news bites because they keep me going. They not only keep me in THE MOMENT, they help me live for tomorrow.

With hands in prayer, eyes closed, lungs filling, pausing, exhaling – Thank You.


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