You Disrespected Me When My Back Was Turned

Tuesday Night Trauma:

I just had the front light stolen off my bicycle.

Just had a piece of me taken unexpectedly, cruelly.

I want to scream:
Leave my shit alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

… my mind starts reeling, thinking how I opted out of going for a swim after work since I stayed an extra half hour, so getting to the pool and fitting in a swim would’ve been rushed and after all the overtime I’ve done the last thing I want is to feel rushed.

So, instead, I cycle up the hill, all the way up the hill, to the top of East Hastings, to visit the public library.
I have some DVD’s to return, and I got a message saying a couple holds have arrived for me.

I love the library. I love that it is a safe haven for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, what gender you are, culture you are, anything. The public library exists for the public.
I love that when I walk into the library, there are just a lot of people quietly going about their business. It is a rare sight in a city to see a variety of people quietly reading, or writing on computers, or scanning the shelves for subjects of interest. It is a peaceful place. It is a rejuvenating place.
I love all of these people because they know the library is a wonderfully special place.

Then I leave the library and hate the people outside it.
Because I just had the front light stolen off my bicycle.

Why shouldn’t I be able to lock my bike for a few minutes while I grab a few things at the library? Why must one of the only pieces not glued to the bike frame be scraped off by some random person? I feel like I’ve been insulted.
Sure it’s just a bike light. Sure it only costs 30-some bucks. But damn it, leave my shit alone!
By molesting my bike, you’ve caused me to sink into a state of universal distrust. As I rode home, I saw every single person I passed as a greedy, self-serving, distrustful, horrible human being.
I don’t want to feel this way.
I know that isn’t true.
It’s just a bike light but it was attached to my transportation and you took it while my back was turned.
Personal property deserves to be respected.
But respect seems nearly extinct in our world, a once-powerful creature now dying a slow death.

Tonight I mourn for Respect.


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