Music From Africa and Vancouver Photos


Africa 100: The Indestructible Beat

I love music. In fact, it’s my main source of inspiration.

Yet, as much as I continually search out music both new and old, I do not claim to be an all-knowing, all-listening music guru.

Interesting then, that just yesterday, my girlfriend and I were reveling in African beat whilst eating brunch. And today, Pitchfork re-posts this article: Africa 100: The Indestructible Beat, “devoted to reissue and cratedigging culture, to the great African music of the previous couple of generations.” I’m looking forward to taking some time to read this.


Beyond Robson’s Best Citizen-Generated Photos

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been preparing my Flickr portfolio for official launch.

Once it’s ready, I’m going to join Beyond Robson’s pool.

How lovely to know that Beyond Robson isn’t just an entertaining, informative, and opinionated source of media in Vancouver, it is also cool enough to give thanks to their Flickr pool by highlighting their photos in this current article.

Wow – I absolutely love the first photo in the article! The blurs, the happy baby… what a fantastic photo!


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