Massive Love, MP3 Blog Wins, and Submitting for Social Media


Robert Del Naja

Holy shit –

Ok I freakin’ LOVE Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack.

Not only is he one of the main Massive Attack dudes, which on it’s own would be enough to garner my praise, since Massive Attack is unique, outspoken, and brilliant, but he is also the artist who has created the art for their recent albums (Heligoland and Splitting the Atom).

I mentioned this art in a recent blog but at the time thought it was a friend of theirs doing the work.


Just bought Heligoland tonight. Stoked!


MP3 Blogs

Recently discovered MP3 blogs due to an article about their surprise shut downs.

I may be new to this sort of thing, which makes me pretty uncool amongst the cool kids, but I figure “whatever” – I like finding new shit out even if it’s like so last decade.

Good on these sites for not missing a beat in setting up replacement sites! For not sitting around and moping in their bedroom offices “oh boo Google I hate you so much now I’m fucked” instead they just set up shop elsewhere. Nice one(s).


Art + Social Media

Just found out about this call for submissions at Diane Farris Gallery thanks to an Instant Coffee email. I’m not sure I understand what they want submitted, maybe it’s open-ended. Will look into this more…..

Submission period: February 10 – 24, 2010


Massive Attack

As if I need yet another reason to love Massive Attack:

On their MySpace, their quote is:

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing slowly

I have huge respect for taking time. This respect for doing things slowly is part of the reason why I have turtle shell incorporated into my tattoo sleeve.

This quote also makes me think of an aspect of Taoism: Wu Wei – Doing without doing. Nice to be reminded.


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