New Photos! and A Marvellous Quote


Tonight I uploaded “Missles Over Vancouver (aka my ride home tonight through Olympinsanity)” on Flickr

I’m going to continue to express my perspective on these tumultuous days in Vancouver with my camera (even if it’s just a phone camera, as these new pics were taken with) throughout the coming weeks.


From Dave Van Ronk (who I discovered thanks to VPL’s music collection – thanks VPL I love you! I’m always reminded of the statement I cut out of a local paper years ago:

Rock stars use the library, poses go to Chapters

– how’s that for a quote within a quote?)

In the liner notes of Going Back To Brooklyn, Van Ronk writes:

As Leonard Cohen once told me, the critical faculties develop acuity much more quickly than the ability to write… The only thing to do is to keep at it, knowing that you are no Cole Porter or Willie Dixon, but knowing also that you are no judge of your own material, either. Some of this junk you are grinding out might have some value after all.

Good night, sleep peacefully.


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