The Answer To This Question Will Define My Future


How do we find time to accomplish everything we wish to accomplish?

For over a month now, I have been spending most of my time outside of work completing the redesign of my website (, filling up my photography & drawing portfolio at Flickr, as well as designing and writing this blog.

Along the way, I’ve ignored things. Specifically, I’ve ignored my health. I haven’t been caring too much when or what I eat. I haven’t been exercising.

Then the inevitable happened: I broke down. Depression set in. Last week, I collapsed into complete self-doubt. Everything became ugly and impossible. It lasted for 3 days.

I came through the other side thanks to some hugely helpful phone calls with my girlfriend (bless you, Bex), as well as a cleansing swim after work on Thursday.

That swim made me realize that exercise (swimming and/or yoga) is not a choice for me. It is a need. I need the benefits of exercise as much as I need to eat and sleep (neither of which I do too well, but you get the point :))

Exercise is not really about looking good. Rather, there are two benefits that are way more important:

  1. Getting a good sweat on cleanses me. I feel refreshed. The damage put on my body from hunching over a computer all day and all night is alleviated.
  2. Exercising is time away from work. As much as I love creating, writing, building my site, working on photos, drawing… I need a break from it once and awhile. I need to take a long step back so I can return invigorated, rather than exhausted.

So I have realized that I need to exercise. I’m going to aim to do so once a day. That’s great.

But that brings me back to THE QUESTION: How do we find time to accomplish everything we wish to accomplish?

Until I broke down last week, I was super stoked about how I was spending all my time working on my art. This is how I have been wanting to live: completely dedicated to my passions. I may not be an artist with gallery shows or commissioned work, but I am living as an artist.

Realizing I need to exercise takes 1-2 hours away from the already short evening after a full day of work. Out of 5ish potential working hours in the evening, removing 1 or 2 hours is a massive deduction of time! I am potentially accomplishing 20-40% less each night! That’s a problem, when all I want to do is push my art.

As I’ve said recently, I am barely a fetus as an artist. I have more growth potential than I can even comprehend. The only way I am going to grow is by doing. So I need to do as much work on my stuff as possible….

I leave this entry open ended because I am still very much in the middle of it all.

I appreciate any advice you may have.
Thank you,


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