Moving Visual Beauty and Your Magazine!


The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman

This is a piece of pure beauty. Visuals, music, everything. A masterpiece by someone previously unknown to me.

Please treat yourself – check it out on Vimeo


Me Magazine

I had never heard of Me until a recent weekend visit to Seattle.

At the Ace Hotel, they have a spread of free magazines. Not surprisingly, most are tourist maps or local events papers. But then I saw the cover with the lobster on her head.

I picked it up – small format, heavy stock matte paper. Really nice feel to it. It pleased my fingers, but would it please my eyes and mind?

Apparently so. It’s a collection of short interviews with regular people – a chef, a waitress, a painter, a social worker, and many more. Just regular people being asked interesting stuff and getting photographed by really talented photographers. What a great idea! Remind everyone who ISN’T a celebrity that their story matters, too.

Check out their site at


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