Walk Lightly, Intensely


Artwalk Vancouver 2010

Ooooh – I’m very intrigued:

Reminds me of The Culture Crawl, another excellent weekend event that connects the public community with the artist community.


Light Bar

I may have knocked the art writing in the instant coffee email, but that doesn’t diminish my love for instant coffee. Not only do they provide their emails, they also have an amazing list of artist resources on their site.

Also, their upcoming Light Bar series has me super stoked. I love light. Natural light is my favourite shit in my photos. The importance of light on our health can not be overstated. These kids are on to some cool shit.


Eyedea & Abilities By The Throat

This album is pretty fucking dark, but it’s raw intensity is insanely addictive. A definite standout from 2009, By The Throat is a hard rock/punk/rap album without one bad track.

Just saw these guys annihilate everyone at the Biltmore on Friday nite. Full-on, no holding back performance. Brilliant.

Take a moment right now to sit still.
Close your eyes, take a deep deep breath in.
Exhale. Feel it. You are alive. Be proud.

Until next time,


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