No Clue But Determined


Sometimes I feel I have no clue what I’m doing.

That’s when I just remind myself to stop thinking and just make stuff. Just write, just draw, just take pics. Just do something. Cuz even if I don’t know what I’m doing or if I question myself or my art, I remind myself that it’s so vitally important to just create. Better to be making things, and work through the doubts, than to sit in a corner aimlessly and fruitlessly trying to figure it out.

I tried that for too many years. Done with that way of living. Next!


Reece Terris Another False Front

How clever can this guy be?

I really enjoyed his Ought Apartment at the VAG last year. It was well executed and had a humourous light-heartedness that I appreciated. But his False Front is just genius. Literally and physically demonstrating how the city is putting on a front/facade for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that are arriving for the 2010 Olympics. WFF indeed.


Art Writing

I LOATHE art writing. I read something like “Colours are dripped and stained onto the surface, situating layers of colour to confront and claim their space” (from Feb 4 instant coffee email) and I want to disassociate myself from art forever. It’d be so much more human to say “She likes to drip paint cuz it looks cool and gives her freedom.” But no, art writing has to get lost in meaninglessness. Words upon words. The more words, the more convoluted, the better. Argh.

I think I have to do something about this. Make it a project to kill pretentious art writing – return words to humanity, to flesh and blood!

This reminds me of how dope the new Front Magazine is. In Fall 2009, they launched a new look with a new mandate: “We will not be publishing typical art criticism… We are striving for clarity; we want to have a conversation about art that is meaningful and funny.” Hallelujah!


It’s The Things We Keep Coming Back To

This is a sentence to use, to blow up. Cuz it’s so true, it’s only the things we keep coming back to that matter. If we listen to our guts (credit: mom), we won’t fret over things that we THINK we should do. Instead, our guts lead us to things we FEEL we should do, which is always right.

For me, it’s drawing. And boxing.

This entry will be continued with art, light, and intense rock/punk/rap!


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