More Goodness


Massive Attack

I love love love Massive Attack. Mostly because of Mezzanine, one of the greatest albums ever.
But I also love them because not all their stuff is great. Actually, they have a lot of misses. But I feel their hearts. I know their hearts are into everything they do – that they’re trying to create good shit. And that soul is what keeps me a devoted fan.

I just listened to Pray For Rain (listen on Pitchfork here). Quite a journey, this track is. The middle breakdown is wonderful.

I also jumped on their site. Checked out the prep for the new album. Loved seeing the new art all spread out. It’s fantastic stuff, truly. Those wiry ink blot figures with skulls are captivating.


Behance Network

Hmmm! While I’ve been building up my portfolio on Flickr, I’ve come across a very nice looking site that does the same thing as Flickr, only much more attractively: The Behance Network.

But while I’m tempted to move to this site, I wonder 2 things:

  1. Flickr is hugely popular, which means there is a great possibility that a lot of people will see my work. Which is the most important thing for me right now.
  2. While Flickr is plain and boring, isn’t the art the most important part of an online portfolio? Is it necessary to have a fancy case to hold it all in? Or can that be distracting?

I’d appreciate any ideas you may have about the subject of online portfolios. Which do you use? What aspects do you consider most important? What would the perfect portfolio site look like?

By the way, after only a minute of perusing Behance, I found L Filipe dos Santos. He makes me want to never draw again, his stuff is so beautiful (and clever! Check out his See Saw gallery).

Enjoy your time on this planet.
Talk to you tomorrow,


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