Days Like This…

On days like this,
days when, for the most part, it is a weekday like any other –
Get up
Go to work
Eat lunch
Leave work to take care of the rest of life…..

On days like this,
a weekday like any other,
it is SO wonderful
when not one, not even two, but THREE little things catch my attention
and make me smile.
Hell, they might even make me happy for longer than a moment.


Cosmic Climbing, the blog of Donald Ely.

He’s an illustrator that until today I had never heard of.

He’s got a scratchy raw energetic style that is a bit disarming, even not entirely instantly likeable. But the authenticity is there, the soul. (This “soul” thing is ENTIRELY important to me in art, all forms of art. For example, I don’t knock a pop song just cuz it’s pop. A pop song (surprisingly) CAN have soul, and for that, I’ll respect it. Hell, I might even admit to listening to it!)


in my list of today’s awesomeness:

Justin Vernon, the main guy from Bon Iver,

proves that he is a super cool dude.

In this Pitchfork article, it’s reported that he’s going to “open a performance and cultural space” in his hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His music strikes right to the heart; his actions fill the heart with warmth & belief.


I’m very happy to find out that The Tyee have redesigned their site! I actually want to read it now!!!! ha ha.

I know that The Tyee is an awesome source for independant reporting, and has been for many years, but goddamn! it sucks when sites with great info are a giant pain in the ass to navigate and read.

Coincidentally, I turned to the new Tyee right after frustratingly closing my NowPublic tab cuz it’s layout sucks so bad I would rather miss what they are saying than struggle with the abuse it inflicts on my eyes.

On days like this,
a weekday like any other,
my heart shines
and my heart thanks every bright source
that encourages me, inspires me.


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