Pretty Lights, Chicago New Year’s Party Tunes

Alright, I already know that Pretty Lights is an incredibly talented and highly entertaining DJ. He loves playing with different styles – he obviously doesn’t want to be pegged into one genre.

I recently recommended his 2008 double album “Filling Up The City Skies” in my 2009 Wrap Up. But HOLY SHIT Pretty Lights outdid himself this past New Years Eve!

I’m on his mailing list, and I was invited today to download 2 tracks from his NYE09 show in Chicago.

Check out these 2 killer tracks on the Pretty Lights site: (and while you’re there, check out everything else he has made – it’s all good!)

As with everything he releases, the music is available by donation. PLEASE donate – this guy deserves it !!!

If these NYE tracks are any indication, it’s not gonna be long until Pretty Lights breaks outta the underground… Well done, Pretty Lights, your hard work is WELL worth it!


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