Do More Think Less

What ever can be done to do more and think less, I’ll take any suggestions.

I need to do more and think less.

I’ve done nothing but hold myself back over the years because I’m obsessed in my head, obsessed with figuring things out, with getting things right, perfect even, but that’s not possible!!! I’m realizing that doing, acting, is what needs to happen because I’m not getting anything done when I can’t focus my thoughts on one thing at a time.

So: I’ll act.

I’ll do one thing at a time. Decide what needs to be done in that moment and do it. Get things done. But not even just like a checklist or anything like that, not that stagnant and dry and boring, no, – actually it’ll be frighteningly exciting because it’ll be the anti-list, there’ll be no time for the list because the list is all about the future.

Instead of thinking of the future,  my sole question is: what do I need to do right now?

What I needed to do right now is write this.

Now I’m done so I’ll go.

Thanks for stopping by.



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